English 3º, 4º y 5º

Play with transports.ggg
Click, and have fun!

Off to school.ggg
Click, and listen to Sophie's story.

Now sing and play with Sophie.


We're going to the zoo.ggg
Click, and watch real zoo animals.

Wild animals.gggg
Click, and get points.

"I like pets" song.gggg
Click, and sing the pets. 

Old Mc Donald.gggg
Click, and sing with "Old McDonald"

Now play with the farm animals.

Interactive game.gggg
Click, play and good luck!

Clothes and accesories.gggg
Haz click en el icono y hojea el libro interactivo que nos mandan desde Juarros.  Sólo tienes que seguir las instrucciones.

Winter clothes.gggg
Haz click y construye frases "palabra a palabra".

The robber's clothes.gggg
Click and listen to the story.jj

Now play the games.jj

Time for more games!gggg
Click on the pictures and have fun.

The weather.gggg
Click on the picture and write your name and surname, for example
"Name: Nieves"
"Surname: Correa".
 Now go to unit 2 and play with the weather!

What's the weather like? 
Haz click en el video y repite with Steve and Maggie "It's raining",  "It's windy"...

Curly hair, green eyes...gggg
Click on the picture and write your name and surname, for example
"Name: Nieves"
"Surname: Correa".
 Now go to unit 5 and have fun!

¿Te gustan las adivinazas? Pues haz click en el dibujo, y buena suerte.

This is me!
Click and sing whith this nice puppet.

Body games.
Click on the pictures and play.

Haz click en las partes del cuerpo para escuchar como se pronuncian.

Haz click en "SPELL IT!", escoge una parte del cuerpo y escríbela.  Si necesitas ayuda, haz click en los dibujos de las partes del cuerpo.

Practice the body words.
Click on the picture and practice the body words.  There are some nice videos.

Christmas vocabulary.
Click and listen to the Christmas words.

Recuerda hacer click sobre el altavoz blanco.

Now play the games.  Good luck! 

Christmas memory.
Here you are a game for Christmas holidays.  Click on the image and good luck!

Christmas music.
Click on the "kids" button and listen to Christmas music.

My favourite day.
Click on picture, make the puzzle and watch the story!

 Now, help Santa and Amy to deliver the presents...

And finish with a crazy carol...

Practise the "i".

Click on the picture and listen.


Now do the test.

I like space food.
I like space food.
Listen and sing the "I like space food" song.

Lunch with aliens.
Listen to the story and practise it
What's your favourite food?
Let's practise the Food chant.  Click on the picture.

And now, time to play...

A family test.
Watch the video and comnplete the test.  Good luck!

What are you thankful for?
Sing this Thanksgiving song.

Family tree
Let's practise the family!

A B C song
Let's practise the Abc.  1st click on the picture and listen to the song.  2nd click on "beginner" and write the missing letters.  Enjoy it! 

Places in town.
Click on the picture and practise the places in town.cccc

The house song
Sing with the animals and then do the test.  Good luck! 

Haunted house
Do you like the story "Haunted house"?  Click on the picture and listen to it.

The house chant
And now, it is time for the house chant.  Click on the picture and say it.

Let's play!
Click on game 1 or game 2 and have fun!

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